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Welcome to Happyheart Yoga

Happyheart Yoga is a creation of the heart founded by Dianne Harris and Gary Paterson. Happyheart Yoga is designed to share their love of yoga and in acknowledgment of the joy, excitement and ease it has brought to our lives and the live of others.

Our mission is simple; in a warm and welcoming approach, to passionately share and invite others to explore and discover all that yoga can be for them.

Something for Everyone

The unique approach is skillful and playful, intended for all skill levels and all interests. Whether you are looking to connect body, heart and mind, want to try something new, new to yoga, deepen your existing yoga practice, build your skills as a yoga teacher or to improve your golf swing, Happyheart Yoga has something just for you.

Studies and offerings are in the areas of Active (Vinyasa, hatha) Yin, Restorative, Pranayama, Meditation, Philosophy, Anatomy and skeletal variations. Offerings are based on studies with JP Tamblyn-Sabo Ahimsa Yoga, Sarah Powers Insight Yoga and Paul Grilley Yin Yoga.

Enjoy, embrace, enliven.

News & Insights

O is for OM

In your yoga practice does OM (or AUM) hold a place for you? What does OM mean to you? A sacred spiritual symbol and sound (mantra) in Hinduism and … Read More »


Dianne is a teacher with heart. A most compassionate heart. Her classes envelop the experience of yoga in so many dimensions – a safe and intelligent asana practice; an opportunity to develop a practical understanding of the techniques and benefits of both pranayama and meditation; but, more than anything, Dianne’s genuine love for others and the practice, leaves one feeling accepted, acknowledged and truly cared for. I am so honoured and proud to have Dianne as a close friend, a fellow colleague and a great teacher.
~ Tania T. – Cranbrook, BC